Hi I’m Heather, and welcome to my Literary Diarrhoea

Gee I get in trouble with my Mum, using the D… word. She’d much prefer I say Diary. But between you and me, the word diarrhoea is more applicable. It’s whatever pops into my head that day, and erupts with the force of…. ummm…. sorry Mum….

Near the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, I decided that I would challenge myself to write. Daily. And I found that I enjoy it.

Thank you for dropping by the website. It’s a work in progress, as I keep discovering and learning how it all works.

Oh – about me. That’s right, I knew I was meant to be writing something. I’m a grandmother, live in Western Australia and my life revolves around my family, coffee and my dog. And my writing. And coffee/ And researching my family tree. And coffee. And wine. And footy. And a bit more coffee.