What mark will you leave on the world? (HLD 11)

2 April 2020

On my dog walk yesterday I walked past the tree in the photo and it took my brain along the path of posterity.

What will you leave behind?

Will it be a lovely house, built with your own hands?

A beautiful garden, tended with care and love for not only the produce of the garden but with love for the earth that sustains is?

A loving family?

An amazing photographic collection of a lot of football matches and other family events?

A picture of a squirrel with its hands in a Vegemite jar?

Two sheds full of stuff that will take your family multiple trips to the tip to sort out?

Photos of 200 jigsaw puzzles you’ve completed?

A heart for social justice that campaigned passionately for those who needed your voice?

A way with words that let you write stuff that jumbled around your head in a way that was readable?

The gift of art, of poetry, of music?

An ability to teach, to pass knowledge and skills along to others.

My Mum confessed a while back that she and Dad had carved their initials into the Busselton jetty a loooong time ago (I’m sure the statute of limitations has passed?). But is this their legacy to the world? Or is it the family they built, the friends they made, the connections and love they gave – and those two sheds worth of stuff – is this going to have more impact on the world than a bit of a scribble on a bit of wood underneath the jetty where no one but them could find?

But just in case – meet you at the end of the Busselton jetty when the regional blockade has passed 🙂

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