Squirrels (HLD 2)

24 March 2020

Throughout my house there is a pile of squirrel memorabilia.

There’s a nut cracker, numerous dust collecting small statues, stuffed toys, a metal sign saying “welcome to the nut house”, tee shirts promoting squirrel yoga, and even mugs featuring a photo of me hand feeding a squirrel while at the Grand Canyon, proudly espousing my self awarded designation as “Squirrel Whisperer”.

Why do I like squirrels?

Ok obviously, they’re cute. But cuteness in animals is quite frankly in the eye of the beholder, because opinion is surely divided in some cases. I think (pet) rats are cute, ferrets a bit blah, willy wagtails the epitome of cuteness in birds, and quite frankly a tarantula is an impressive looking animal. Can’t say they appear cute and cuddly though. But, and this should come as no surprise to anyone, I digress.

Squirrels are extremely agile – as anyone who has ever tried to stop a squirrel from getting at something they don’t want them to get at can attest to.  I have watched in awe and wonder about places into and through which a squirrel can squeeze. Their ability to hang on with the most unlikely of grips, seemingly unconcerned about plummeting to their deaths, intent on getting to a different place for whatever predetermined reason. Usually food, but I’m not one to judge another based on that reason alone.

Squirrels don’t seem to let much get in their way.  And when they have an aim, they don’t willingly give up until their task is complete. Some things may have them seeking a safe ground for a little while – whether it be an oncoming car, a crazed Colorado woman determined that they should meet Jesus, or a strange Australian woman who just wants a photo of them with their hands in a Vegemite jar….squirrels will retreat a little, keep a watchful eye, and as soon as the threat has passed, return to business as usual.

The point of the squirrel anecdotes? Is it a reference to us as a human race, faced with a threat and relocating to a safe place until the threat has passed, and how agile and adaptable we can be when the bigger picture is evident????

Nah – I just like squirrels.

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