Gosh that’s big (HLD 27)

18 April 2020

I signed up for membership at Costco today. I have to say that the main reason I signed up is for fuel – particularly for my son Josh who goes through a lot of diesel in his delivery work. And Costco have by far the cheapest diesel fuel that I’ve seen in Perth.

But Costco isn’t only about fuel. It’s about buying stuff – in bulk. Why buy a dozen eggs when you can get a packet of 30? Why buy a couple of croissants when a box of 20 fits into your extra large roomy trolley? And why buy 12 toilet rolls (yes they had a lot of toilet rolls) when a few steps further there was a pack of 48?

It’s just a fascinating place to walk through. We went in to get our membership cards so that Josh could access the cheap fuel, and thought we’d have a wander around to have a look. We were accompanied by all the people on Perth who have not grasped what the physical distancing business is all about…

This shop did not surprise us too much, as we had been members of Sams Club, back on our Texas days. But even then, the concept of a 2kg container of peanut butter, or a 5l tub of Greek yoghurt was a little mind blowing for us. Even with my creative cooking I’d be hard pressed to come up with a recipe for that combination! (Yeh, yeh – I thought satay too…).

There were also, of course, very large televisions and diamond rings on offer. You can probably guess which aisle interested Simon more.

If you were allowed to have parties and family get togethers at the moment, this would definitely be the place to go to get supplies. I think I could easily cater even for my in-law family sized eating event from supplies here – with ease!!

We walked out with our trolley full. There was a chair (for George) (yes it’s purple, do you have an issue with that?), a very large roast lamb roll, croissants, toilet rolls, chorizos, grapes, bananas, spinach, bacon, cheese and mushrooms. Not a single television or 5kg tub of Greek yoghurt. Or diamond rings, for that matter.

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