Adulting (HLD 30)

21 April 2020

I know quite a few people turning 30 this year. A good number of them are towards the end of the year but there’s one I know who is turning thirty quite soon.

And she’s a bit of a party girl.

There were originally grandiose plans for a birthday trip to the US, but as the realisation hit that there was a fair bit of organisation that went with that, plans changed…

Big plans were made to celebrate with friends in Bali. Not sure that anything was booked, but verbal plans were discussed, and enthused about.

And then the social distancing thing happened. International travel was cancelled. Even travel within the state was cancelled, so a birthday trip down to Margaret River and favourite wineries was not a possibility!

And there are a few of you who will know who I’m referring to, when I mention that the bottle shop limits on purchases also caused consternation….

But the strangest thing happened. Because options have been limited, and money has been saved because clothing shops and pubs and clubs aren’t available to take her money, my friend has crept steadily closer to…..adulthood.

She acknowledges with amazement how much money she isn’t spending. She is adjusting to work being her main interaction with other adults – not happily, but accepting.

And she amazes me nowadays with her logical and mature response to current world issues. Dare I say it, too – but she’s even aware of politics. Well – she now knows the name of our Premier, anyway. (I’m fairly sure she knows he’s premier and not prime minister).

If you know who I’m talking about please don’t spoil the surprise, but the photo is of a pin I’ve bought her for her birthday 🙂

All around, I’m seeing people being grownups. Even kids. Being grown up about what we have to do to keep other people safe – sure there’s legislation involved to make sure it happens, but overall we know that there’s a reason why we are distancing ourselves from not only our loved ones, but even restraining ourselves from rushing up to complete strangers and giving them a hug.

Adulting win, people! Keep up the good work 🙂

The complete strangers thank you.

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