Building Blocks (HLD 32)

23 April 2020

When Gorgeous George comes to visit me, our very very large Texas-sized coffee table gets cleared of anything that we might regret not finding in the rubbish bin or toilet*, and the contents of my large box of duplo gets dumped on it instead.

If you’re not familiar with Duplo, it’s Lego for younger children. And their much older grandparents.

Our coffee table is a bit over a metre square and is the perfect height for George to walk around and play with different bits of duplo. He loves it. There are people, animals, cars, trucks, fire engine and police car, police motor bike, and lots and lots of coloured building blocks.

My challenge is usually to try to build something and complete it before it gets destroyed. Hasn’t happened yet, but maybe…. one day….

There have been occasions where the Duplo is deployed onto the coffee table and George is not even present! It provided a memorable couple of hours entertainment for three women of more mature years (yes I’m one of them!). We will never forget Nancy’s very detailed narrative about her Duplo creation 😉

Simon recently added to the Duplo collection with a Duplo train set, which can be controlled by an app, apparently. And it’s being kept to one side until George is old enough to appreciate it.

But it obviously needs to be checked for sturdiness and play worthiness, so Simon and Josh had fun when they had it set up on the coffee table….

They are such children.

Gotta stop the blog now – I’m just heading back to the lovely castle I’ve built, with arches and windows and a giraffe.

*Obviously things can be resurrected from the bin and the toilet – if you get there in time 🙂

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