Nice try, but… (HLD 41)

2 May 2020

A couple of events today have had me pondering times when people make a half arsed attempt at something.

First up, we did a little bit of food shopping this morning. Because the anti-seafood element (Josh) in our house was not going to be home for lunch, we chose a lovely fresh salmon option that comes with a lovely lemon/herb zesty coating (sachet included, as it says on the packaging). I’ve done this one before and it’s very tasty.

Obviously, because it’s a Saturday and Venus is in retrograde and the cow jumped over the moon, Simon said he’ll cook. I had a packaged salad ready to go so he only had to tip that onto the plate. Simples, right?

Lunch was served, with the salad duly dumped on the plate and the salmon nicely cooked, but minus the zesty lemon/herb coating.

Simon saw the package of ‘stuff’ as he opened up the salmon, but figured it had nothing to do with him. Obviously it could have been anything, right? One of those moisture absorbing packets maybe? I can’t figure out what else he would have thought it was…

We now have a spare sachet of lemon/herb zesty coating for next time I want to buy a cheaper lot of salmon fillets…

And then, on my long walk through Como and South Perth with Chewie this afternoon, on two occasions I saw a filled doggy poo bag, dumped on someone’s verge or in their garden.

Why bother to pick up the dog poo only to dump the poo and the bag before finding a bin????? We find this happens frequently at our off lead dog park, too. Are people overcome with the offensive odour and pass out, and their collection is ignored by the ambulance officers who race them off to be revived? Do they leave it, intending to come back and collect it, when they have their hazmat suits on, and simply forget???

You probably, like me, have rattling around in your brains someone (parents, teachers, parole officers – whatever) telling you that “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. Obviously that doesn’t mean we need to all be experts in whatever field we try, but it probably does mean we should at least have one more go at something, beyond the point where things get difficult…

For dinner tonight we will be having a zesty lemon and herb coating sprinkled on our salad.

Or on our ice cream – I haven’t decided yet 🙂

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