Peace and Chocolate to all the Mums (HLD 48)

9 May 2020

Mother’s Day in Australia is traditionally held on the second Sunday in May, which for those without the benefit of a calendar near them, is tomorrow.

I put it to you, however, that the time Mums love about the Mother’s Day weekend, is not so much when she receives the luke warm and overly milky cup of tea and cold toast on the Sunday morning, but the two hour period some time on the Saturday, when Dads load up the car with the kids and descend on the nearest shopping centre.

Mums everywhere must immediately kick back, pour a cup of tea or other beverage of their choice, grab a book or the newspaper, head for the comfiest chair, and just breathe in the peace and serenity.

Meanwhile the Dads are faced with unfamiliar environments (shops, or more specifically shops that cater to stuff a Mum would like), with unfamiliar and recalcitrant co-shoppers. Sure, the clever dad shoppers will still manage to head for the hardware shop, convincing the kids that mum really really wants a new drill. The kids, of course, know that Mum would much prefer an angle grinder.

We went to the shops this morning, secure in the knowledge that, like on another Saturday when we recently went shopping in this ‘hardly any shops open’ era, there would be ample parking and space to peruse the few things available for purchase.

But no! Combined with yesterday’s media blitz about ‘when things are reopening’ (which has followed daily media blitzes about ‘when things are reopening, to be truthful), and the horror of Mothers Day tomorrow, the shops were packed.

There were queues at the tea shop, the scented candle and the handbag shops, florists and card shops, but strangely not so many customers at the jewellery shops.

Social distancing means nothing when there’s harassed Dads and kids in search of an aromatherapy diffuser or a chocolate bar with “Love you Mum” written on it 🙂

So here’s hoping all Mums out there get to enjoy their two hour Mother’s Day treat today, and that you enjoy your tea and toast tomorrow.

Now how is the best way to wrap up this angle grinder I’ve bought my mum?

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