A win to the germaphobes (HLD 58)

19 May 2020

Curious George was suspiciously quiet out in the back yard a little earlier. As I was walking out to investigate exactly why he had gone radio silent, he wandered into view, wearing the previously full-of-water-but-decidedly-unclean bowl of dog water. On his head.

He was very proud of himself, and quite frankly I was kind of proud of him in that he’d managed to tip all the water out on the ground before putting it on his head. His clothes and boots were dry!

This bowl lives outside near the tap, and let’s just say that I wouldn’t drink out of it. It gets scrubbed down every month or so, but it quickly gets back the muddy looking bottom even though the water itself looks clean.

And it was on his head. And forehead.

He didn’t mind the cleaning up operations, fortunately. It was a good game, with Grandma chasing him around the house with a warm soapy flannel.

Now I’m taking risks telling you this, because I think his other grandparents take better care to not let him play with sludge when he’s at their house, and there is a good chance they may read this…. Hopefully it doesn’t lead to a campaign to restrict time Gorgeous George spends with Grandma 🤞

Apart from brussel sprouts,  broccoli or peas, my kids had no fear or disgust of anything as toddlers. Sharing food with the dog, not a problem. But being served up with green stuff on your plate, that was obviously cruel and inhuman behaviour.

Some people have a very healthy fear of germs of any sort, and more power to them for the stringent efforts involved. I’ve just never had the willpower to take a dog bowl away from a toddler who really really wants to hand feed the dog her breakfast.

I make sure a thorough cleaning process takes place afterwards, don’t get me wrong!!! There’s no knowing what sort of germs that kid could pass on to the dog!

Don’t you think that our current pandemic world is a moral victory to the germaphobes? They can now quite rightly rest on their well trained laurels, showing the rest of us how to avoid germs?

If only this Covid germ presented itself as a Brussel sprout, then we’d know what to look out for.

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