Flukes (HLD 63)

24 May 2020

Many many years ago, I played a game of golf. Definitely with my husband but there were probably other witnesses as well. In my wild celebrations and glory, I must confess to blanking out all but the most important details.

I managed to sink a really long putt. I don’t remember the distance, just that it was a really long putt.

Now – despite prior to THAT putt, having had more hits of the ball than anyone ever probably had on that golf course, I did of course assume that by sinking that amazing putt, I’d proved my amazing golfing talent.

And vowed to never ever play golf again, lest that shot be proved to be a fluke.

I have the very secure, unchallenged and non-disproved knowledge of my golfing prowess. Nothing to see here, let’s just accept it and move along.

I’m now secure in the knowledge of another fluke…sorry…talent.

Last night we had our very first sleepover of our grandson, and we were warned he could wake up anywhere between 1-3 times, but should be fairly easy to get back to sleep.

We had fun, went to the park, he ate a lot of dinner, had a play, lots of fun in the bath…

And then he slept uninterrupted for 11 hours.

We know it was uninterrupted because there was always at least one other adult in the house awake, listening for the slightest cough or hiccup.

Obviously it’s incredible grand-parenting skills that led to this good sleep. It’s couldn’t be a fluke, or have anything else, like lots of food and exercise.

It may be the last sleepover he ever has 🙂

Don’t want to disprove my theory.

(Only joking – that morning cuddle was the best ever ❤️ and will definitely get repeated.)

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