27 May 2020

My husband very kindly educated me a while back on something he had also recently learned (I know, right???? You thought, as I did, and most certainly as Simon did, that he knew absolutely everything there was to know about absolutely everything!!! It must have come as a shock to him to learn something new…)

While doing some forward planning at work, they’d written the next few months in a column, and lo and behold, JASON appeared! (July, August, September, October, November!).

Jason for us in the Southern Hemisphere is a little cold and wet. Some parts of our part of the world get to see snow, and some of us have significantly more cold and more wet than others.

In Perth, Jason means you need to find your jeans, if you hadn’t been wearing them anyway. And for those of us who get around in thongs (the footwear variety) as usual may eventually considering wearing closed in shoes. Maybe. But Jason in Perth really isn’t as bad as Jason in Canberra, or Tasmania, for instance. We do get a little rain on occasion, and the mornings can sometimes be a bit brisk, but we will still have some fine sunny days, albeit not especially hot days.

Obviously for us, the ON part of Jason is warming up quite a bit, and would be the time most of us would pack away our winter weight quilts.

I quite enjoy Jason. Not so much when it rains all day, because my dog is a little sensitive about her ears getting wet, and she does need to get out of the house three times a day to sniff and wee. But by and large snuggling up under a rug on the couch listening to rain on your tin roof, is something special.

Holidays in the time of Jason would traditionally for Perthites be the time to either head north, or head overseas. But heading to somewhere in the south west, a place complete with a wood fire and forests to walk in, is also something to be savoured.

Northern Hemisphere folks must absolutely love Jason. The ability to feel warmth on your face, see and smell flowers, go swimming, picnic in parks, and so much more. For the really northern folk, there’s that non stop daylight too!

Ignoring JASON 2020, which will of course be a Jason like no other, what (normally) is your favourite part of Jason?

I’ll be waiting for the WTF answers 🙂

(Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – of course!)

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