Stop talking and breathe (HLD 71)

1 June 2020

We’ve just got back from an overnight visit down south to visit the mums and other special relatives.

It was a lovely but loud catchup with my in-laws who were there. These events all register very highly on the decibel scale, and often there’s multiple conversations happening at once. If you turn about ten radios on different stations at full volume, you can experience the scenario for yourself.

My mother-in-law is back at home after some worrying times in hospital over the past month or two.  She’s got some ongoing health issues but happy to be back at home, especially so with the arrival last week of her second great grandchild, a little girl.

One of her medical issues involves her lungs, and this was evidenced to us all by her coughing, made worse by excessive talking.

Which, for those of you who know my mother-in-law, is what she does best.

Many times yesterday someone in the group advised the coughing one “Stop talking, and breathe”.

There’s a lesson in that for all of us, not just those with dodgy lungs, and hearts, and kidneys.

Let’s all attempt to stop talking occasionally.

Just breathe.

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