A perfect blend? (HLD 83)

13 June 2020

Doing some food shopping this morning, we came across an interesting new product – crumpet toast.

It looks like a (small and chunky) loaf of bread, with the intriguing word ‘crumpet’ added.

I can’t tell you what the taste is like – but after breakfast tomorrow I can give my considered opinion for you.  

But let’s face it – these are two of my favourite breakfast food options (obviously there are a large number of favourite breakfast foods – bacon and eggs win, porridge, etc… practically anything made by someone other than me ranks very highly!)

So to put two of these things together in one convenient option?!?!? It sounds interesting, but I don’t think I’d think that bacon flavoured crumpets would sounds as interesting. So obviously it’s a matter of putting together things that complement each other.

We had a spate in Australia of unusual potato chip (crisps for the English mob) flavours lately – lamington, or gravy. Not together, fortunately, because that WOULD be weird. 

When we were in the US we saw a huge range of interesting food combinations – chocolate coated chilli, for example. We saw, we didn’t eat. Or pumpkin pie with marshmallow on top?

And who was the first person who thought that adding beetroot to a chocolate cake was a good thing to attempt?  Someone who had a lot of beetroot to get rid of, or wanted to trick their kids into eating it? Or the American sandwich staple of peanut butter and jelly (jam to the rest of us)?!?!  This is not a combination I think I would like. How about the australian kids party staple of fairy bread (100’s and 1000’s sprinkled on bread and butter)???

Ingredients that wouldn’t automatically be put together often become firm favourites and are then considered by the master chefs of the world as a genuine recipe. 

A French toast option a one of our local cafes included bacon, honeycomb and fairy floss! And a few weeks ago I added chocolate to my chilli con carne recipe – apparently that’s a genuine ‘thing’, and although it sounded fairly odd, I thought it tasted ok. Not everyone in my house were as intrigued by the combination, though.

So – quirky combinations are obviously in the ‘stomach’ of the beholder?

What unusual food combinations have you tried, and would recommend to others?

Photo by Rodolfo Clix on Pexels.com

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