Favourite treasure (HLD 78)

8 June 2020

As part of some renovations that are commencing in my house this week, I am starting to empty out my bookcases to put stuff into storage for a short time, while the house is in a state of chaos.

Ok, if I’m honest – more that the usual amount of chaos my house normally exists in.

My bookcases (there’s quite a few of them) are storage spaces for not only a very large collection of books (I know, right!!! All those interior designer people would be amazed and impressed with my well thought out use of a bookcase!!!!), but also a lot of other ‘stuff’.

There’s framed photos, small pewter and bronze animal figures, cute salt and pepper shakers, vases, statues, candles, wooden Aboriginal carvings, a Galileo thermometer, and if I’m being totally honest, a few years worth of dust.

There’s a china cabinet wedged in amongst the bookcases, containing collections of glasses from our travels in the US, a red dragon from a visit to Wales, and a dinner set that belonged to my Grandma. Along with other special stuff.

While contemplating my need, over the next few weeks, to relocate all this stuff to somewhere else, so that new carpet can eventually be laid in that room, I stopped the boxing up of stuff, made myself a coffee (shock, horror!), and contemplated the following question….

What’s your favourite treasure????

Now you aren’t allowed to go the easy answer and say “my family”. Blah blah, let’s just take that as a given.

I’m talking dust collectors. Stuff that you value having, and would be the thing you’d regret losing the most if something unforeseen was to happen.

Many many years ago when my children were even more like children than they are now, I was horrified to come home one day and find a football wedged up on the top shelf of a wall unit, in between two precious painted plates that I had been either collecting or given as gifts. This was my last straw in the ongoing “don’t throw balls in the house” diatribe, and in a hissy fit, I packed away every precious breakable in my house, and stored them in the garage. No one but me appreciated the significance of this. The ball throwers were probably peeved at the lack of targets on the wall unit.

When we eventually moved house, I found them again, but the young adults were still fairly childlike and had still not learned the “no throwing balls in the house” rule, so most stayed safely secure in a box.

Given that I only have one kid still living at home, and he’s not the prime suspect in ball throwing activities in the house, you’d think it would be safe to bring them back out on display, wouldn’t you???

But I have a very mobile grandson who visits regularly, and that grandsons’ father also visits regularly, and he still hasn’t learned the pivotal lesson.

The special plates live safely tucked away in a cupboard.

After all this time, I probably wouldn’t notice if they went missing, quite frankly. So not such a treasure after all. I may as well have had them on display to enjoy, and to mourn their untimely passing when they eventually, as things do, come into contact with a soccer ball.

So what would I classify as my favourite treasure?

I have a glass butter dish given to me by Simon’s grandma (Nanny Pearl). There is a handwritten note inside the butter dish telling me the dish belonged to her grandmother on her dad’s side and she died in 1942 and was 84. I value the note, the history and the love in passing on the treasure, almost as much as I love the butter dish itself.

There are a couple of wooden carvings I have, that my Dad brought back with him from his time in Yirrkala in the Northern Territory. Dad encouraged the indigenous community to produce these things to sell to aim for self sufficiency – although I suspect Dad was their best customer. There were bark paintings, digeridoos, carvings and more. These are very special to me too.

There are stories about all the dust collecting treasures that I still have. Over the years things have been determined to be more dust collectors than treasures and they have been relocated to the church fete or a charity shop. And to be honest some of the current treasures may go that way soon too.

And if they were ALL gone???? What treasure will remain?

My family, of course. Ball throwers and all. They don’t sit still long enough to collect dust.

Have you got a favourite treasure?

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