Mourning (HLD 81)

11 June 2020

Yesterday, at 2.10pm, I had a death in the family. I has heading into the kitchen to fill my coffee machine water jug, when it slipped from my hands. Three pieces of plastic lay on the floor… My water jug usually contains two pieces of plastic.

The horror I felt still makes me shudder. The desperation I felt, searching the house for a glue strong enough to resuscitate my life line. The anguish of knowing that in all likelihood, it wasn’t going to work. And it didn’t – the pieces held together but a leak remains 😦

Obviously I’m an online shopper in the ‘expert’ category, and buying a replacement water tank is not only possible, but can be done in an instant. And it was. I could have selected the minimal postage amount, as opposed to the express postage offered. But I’m fully aware that anything posted in the eastern part of Australia at the moment, takes at least three weeks to get to the west.

At least.

Me…..Without my coffee machine….. For……Three……Weeks.

Ok confession time – the express postage of replacement jug was more than the cost of the jug, but… 

In full mourning mode, I have, of course, created a coffee jug funeral playlist of music to listen to instead of drinking coffee.

Here’s a sample of what I’m listening to:

Time to say goodbye

Somewhere over the rainbow

Wind beneath my wings


Tears in heaven

Circle of Life

Fire and rain

You’re my best friend

Knockin’ on heavens door

Endless Love

The carnival is over (seekers)

Only the good die young

In my life

You raise me up

Stairway to heaven

I will remember you

I couldn’t bring myself to play “Always look on the bright side of life”, because there wasn’t  one. Until I remembered the coffee shop across the road!!!

There is a light at the end of my tunnel, albeit across the road. 

Got any good songs to add to my playlist?

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