Size Matters (HLD 92)

22 June 2020

I’m in the middle of renovating my en-suite bathroom.

Of course I’m doing this in a supervisory capacity, sitting on the couch drinking a coffee, while those with actual skills in the area of bathroom renovation do their jobs.

I have friends who have skills and talents in the ‘do it yourself’ realm, and all power to them. We tiled some rooms once, many years ago. So we can do it, but my preference is to support our local economy. Also I didn’t enjoy tiling.

The renovation has been brought about purely because I like a decent bath. I know this doesn’t strike a cord with a lot of people who think that having a bath is the equivalent of stewing in your own filth. Personally, I’m not that dirty. But no judgement on you if you are.

To me a deep soak in a bath tub is right up there with having someone brush my hair in the things that relax me most. Not at the same time – that’s just weird.

So our en-suite is going to gain a deeper wider bathtub after this renovation.

To achieve this, of course, the entire room had to be pulled apart and re-jigged. And it will look very similar to how it looked before, just with new tiles, new fittings, new vanity unit, and of course the bigger deeper bathtub.

It wasn’t a bad bathroom before, if I’m honest – the tiles were ok (some cracks but nothing significant), and the shower screen looked really good for about three seconds after I’d cleaned it, before it went back to looking like a swamp monster lives there.

But the bath was rubbish. Great for a small child, but not for someone of the larger, middle aged, sloth variety.

I’d about a week away from being a very very relaxed person 🙂

Might make an appointment at the hairdressers for that week just to make it all complete 🙂

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