The buzzer of excitement (HLD 95)

25 June 2020

Today I was expecting one, possibly two different tradies, to spend some time in the en-suite renovation area. Someone was coming to do grouting, I was told, and maybe later there’s a possibility that the plumber may get there to do some installations.

Not a problem, I said – I’ll be home all day. Got a couple of loads of washing to do, an oven to clean, some family tree research to get done…easy. I might even get a chance to zip up to the shops to restock the banana supply after the man doing the grouting is finished.

Grouterman (fairly sure that’s his superhero name) arrived on time and set to work. Excellent, says me, I’ll just throw a load of washing on, and turn the dishwasher on too! I’ll start soaking the oven racks to clean them, in between working on the family tree on the computer. What an efficient morning it will be!

The door bell buzzes. I’m the electrician, he says, coming to connect up the lights and switches in the en-suite. Oh, and I’ll have to turn the power off for a little while. Is that a problem?

Gritted teeth response – no, of course not. I’ll pause dishwasher and washing machine and wait until you’re done. I will make myself a strong cup of coffee first though, if that’s ok. Some things are too important to wait.

So Electricman and Grouterman kind of inhabit the en-suite compatibly for the duration of my coffee and a slight sulk, until electricman gives me the go ahead to resume electrical usage in the house.

Dishwasher and washing machine turned back on, computer restored because I’d forgotten about that one when I ran around turning things off, and cleaning of oven recommenced.

Another buzz of the doorbell. It’s the plumber. He’s coming to put in the toilet, the shower, the taps and hand basin!! Ooh how exciting!! So much is happening to the en-suite today!

I’ll have to turn the water off for an hour or so, Plumberman tells me…..

There’s a hive of activity and noise coming from the en-suite where three adult males are working side by side to do their bits of the renovation. They are joking and chatting, and obviously not impacting each other’s work…

Despite the mornings stress on my teeth enamel, I do have a little buzz of excitement going in my brain – the en-suite really only has a few more stages to go and it will be finished! It really is getting exciting.

Maybe early next week I might get around to finishing the washing and the dishes.

Ooh hang on – Plumberman is almost done! Maybe there’s hope for the towels to get washed today after all!

Was that a knock at the door? I’m not answering it.

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