Feeding the 5000 (HLD 120)

20 July 2020

We used to live in a large family home in the northern suburbs of Perth. We had a very large open plan kitchen/lounge/living area, which could be, and was, reconfigured so you could have a sit down meal for a lot of people. 

I think our record was 30 people one Christmas – quite a feat but it worked! And it was a source of pride for me that we used proper crockery and cutlery and glasses – none of that disposable stuff at the fancy lunch, thank you! 

Moving on 7 or 8 years, we now live in a much smaller house. I can, at a pinch, seat six people for a meal (ok maybe more if we don’t want to all sit in the same room and the others are prepared to sit perched around the coffee table).

But I still have enough crockery, cutlery and wine glasses to cater for 30.

I did a little audit today of the cupboard which is devoted, in my very small kitchen, to storage of wine glasses.

There are champagne glasses, white wine glasses, red wine glasses, very very very large red wine glasses, strange cocktaily glasses, wine glasses we got free from various wine and food festivals, and a heap of cheap generic ‘wine of any sort’ glasses.  Lots of glasses, ok?

The two that get used regularly are a stemless glass given to me by a girlfriend, and one of the large red wine glasses.

Nothing else.

Occasionally if we have a family dinner, there may be a call to use four glasses, and very rarely with friends visiting we could possibly use up to 8 wine glasses maybe.  Maybe.

But not 30.

The cause for the audit was the purchase today of a box of six more stemless wine glasses. We always seem to fight over who gets the one stemless glass we have, and let’s face it, any sort of social drinking could happen in a stemless wine glass! Red, white, gin and tonic, even cordial at a pinch! These are multi-alcohol glasses!

I’ve decanted the wine glass collection 🤣 and will offer them up to our local Buy Nothing group, just in case someone is having 30 people over and think they may run short of glasses.

If anyone bites, I may have to ask them if they need some crockery as well 🙂

Oh, and I’ve kept the very very very large red wine glasses. You know, because there are occasions in life when it is handy to be able to drink half a bottle of wine without refilling your glass.

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