Our lives have been turned upside down (HLD 116)

16 July 2020

How will we ever know who we are anymore? How will we know our strengths? Our weaknesses? When to buy lottery tickets? When to take long walks on the beach? When to live the life of our dreams? When to play close attention to a domestic issue???

We may have thought all this advice was there for us, catered to in just about every newspaper or magazine. We only need to know our date of birth, and voila we will know what sort of a day we will have, based on our star sign. 

Well, apparently, NASA have weighed into the star sign situation by stating that there are actually 13, not 12, zodiac signs.

Shocking, right?

Supposedly when the Babylonians who first invented the 12 signs of the zodiac more than 2500 years ago saw the constellation of Ophiuchus as well, but 12 was an easier number to manage than 13, so it got left out.

Not so NASA, who have no issues with the number 13. 

So while for the past 56 and a bit years, I have been a diplomatic, social, non confrontational Libran, in actual fact all this time I have been a hard-working, reliable, patient, kind and over thinking Virgo!!! 

The oldest son is in the same zodiac boat as me, while the youngest son, who used to be brave, loyal, ambitious and secretive as a Scorpio now takes over our Libran traits.

And my husband, who was previously a Virgo and quite proud of his hard working, reliable patience, now has to accept that he is exuberant, loyal and self confident Leo. He is also apparently a show off with big ideas.

While my poor daughter in law (and grandson), who used to be  Saggitarians, are now part of the new brigade, Orphiuchus, and all bets are off as to how this new bunch of people will turn out. Theoretically they will be flamboyant and passionate, whereas as saggitarians they used to be adventurous, idealistic and outspoken.

This is all new information, and I don’t know how on Earth I will know how to put my shoes in tomorrow morning! Let’s just assume I regularly read the star sign column (I don’t and am unlikely to start), but how will I know how to live my day? Will it be the Libran advice of “home is a hive of activity, and if you have a problem at work, use your intuition to guide you to a solution”, or the Virgo advice to “use your Virgo detective skills to determine what’s going on beneath the surface of a child, teenager or close friend”.

I’m at a total loss! 

Maybe I’ll just carrying on ignoring it all and have a cup of coffee, because neither star sign gave me advice to give up caffeine.

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