Perspective (HLD 135)

4 Aug 2020

I grew up today. Not for long, mind you, but for around 30 minutes I had an entirely new perspective on life.

I saw things from another persons point of view. I understood why some people see things one way, and others in a different way.

I climbed a ladder.

Ok – not a ladder per se, more a couple of steps. I had been doing a bit of rearranging of kitchen storage stuff and decided to put a box of things I rarely use on top of the cupboards.

In doing so, I gained 50cm in world perspective.

The things I could see were amazing! If I was the height of a footy ruckman instead of the height of…well…me, I would have soooooo much more storage space in my kitchen! Cupboards that for me are designated for storage of rarely used items for them would be – cupboards!!!!

They would save so much money by being able to have a quick glance in a cupboard to see if we have a particular item, rather than buying another and then storing it in one of the top cupboards because it will be rarely used. Alongside the other identical item.

They would be able to see exactly how many cutting boards live on top of the fridge. All those cutting boards might get equal usage rather than the three that always get used.

Oh the joys I’d have if I were 50cm taller. The organisation I’d achieve. The space I would utilise better!

Inspired by my new vision, I dragged my steps around the house to visit other potentially accessible storage areas. Each wardrobe – oh my goodness! The depth of each shelf!! Not just the front 10cm where things get shoved! The dust on the……

Hang on.

The dust on the top of the fridge is beyond dust and is now grime. The cupboards on top of oven really don’t need to be looked at. And quite frankly, there’s stuff on the top shelf of the wardrobes that I don’t really want to think about whether it should be saved or chucked.


Do these freakishly tall people spend their days judging the rest of us???

Because I’m fairly sure I’d be a fairly harsh judge of myself if I had to look at the condition of all those cupboards and shelves only visible to people above 2m in height.

I’ve packed the steps away. Growth is overrated.

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