What are you trying to achieve? (HLD 151)

20 Aug 2020

I’m not a tv person, generally speaking. If I have some ‘sit on the couch’ time, I’ll generally be either reading a book or playing one of the two or three games I enjoy on the iPad. I don’t mind electronic jigsaws, but my go-to most of the time is a game called candy crush.

It’s very technical. You match colours of things. You blow up stuff that’s in your way. Sometimes you get blown up by bomb, and sometimes you run out of moves, or time.

It’s a great time waster. If the man of the house is intently watching some tv show that escapes my interest, I’ll often be found with the iPad in front of me attempting to solve levels on this game.

But my involvement in the game is such that my brain generally disconnects, and I bash away at the game, not really paying attention to what is required – do I have limited moves, or time? What is the goal for that level – a particular score, or collecting so many yellow things or red things? Often I waste a few lives before realising that “oh I am meant to be collecting green things – maybe I should focus on that?”

I suspect if I concentrated on what is meant to be achieved for each level BEFORE I start, I’d have a much higher success rate. Possibly. But that WOULD involve a level of commitment and focus that is sadly lacking in my game brain.

Are you the sort of person who is plodding through life dealing with stuff as it happens (that’s me). Or are you someone who has very definite plans and goals, and a clear path outlined in how to achieve them?

I suppose in the big picture, we all have a goal to be happy and healthy. Some of us may have clear guidelines on how to achieve this, while the rest of us work on a reactive base – if this thing doesn’t make me happy or healthy, I should probably avoid it. Unless it’s coffee or chocolate, of course.

So let’s break it down a little.

What’s your goal for 2020?

To survive? Good goal. Right, so what have you done so far to achieve that? I have a basket that contains a few extra bottles of hand sanitiser. And liquid soap. My hands haven’t been this clean since I used to work in an operating theatre, and I’m very conscious of even a hint of a slight sniffle.

What’s your goal between now and the end of the year? My goal is to not put too much hope into 2021 being so much different from this year. I think we are all hoping to write off 2020 and get a new calendar, and a new lifestyle, quickly. But possibly 2021 is going to be much of the same.

What’s your goal for August? Mine is to keep the dogs’ hair as knot-free as possible, until I can give her a summer haircut. She doesn’t enjoy being brushed but we are practising.

What’s your goal for this week? Mine is twofold – to get the floors mopped (as long as it doesn’t interfere with coffee dates with friends), and keep meal planning organised in such a way that I don’t have to zip up to the shops every day for something I need.

What’s your goal for the rest of today? Mine is to have a big walk with the dog in the sunshine.

What’s your goal for this hour? Mine is to finish this blog and then solve the level on candy crush that’s been holding me up – I’ve just discovered I need to be collecting those freckle things, not just blowing everything up.

What’re your goals?

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