Not cooking tonight (HLD 160)

29 Aug 2020

I’ve just got back from a day trip to Bunbury for a church meeting.

I left home at 6.15am and got back at 7pm.

The two males that were left at home in charge of my dog for the day, showed remarkable and unprecedented foresight and realised that I had no intention of cooking them a hot meal when I got home.

I had every expectation that they would have already eaten, given that they’d had a stressful afternoon watching our football team not do exceptionally well. But they had decided to wait until I got home so we could all share our dinner together.

They’ve ordered pizza.

Now, if it was me, I would have insisted that we eat this pizza directly from the convenient box it gets delivered in, but my husband is obviously used to a finer style of dining, and has insisted that the plastic picnic plates come out of the cupboard. Fine dining in the style of our family. That, and a glass of red wine (because red wine is of course the perfect accompaniment for a meat lovers pizza….) will make for a wonderful end to the day.

While we all know it’s not something we should be having, there’s always a time when the chief cook and bottle washer really really couldn’t be stuffed, and a relatively instant meal made by someone else is ideal.

I don’t mind fish and chips, pizza’s good, and Chinese is pretty good too.

What’s your favourite takeaway meal?

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