Appreciation Day (HLD 167)

5 Sept 2020

You only have to look at a picture of me to realise that I like food. And you’d be right. It’s right up there with the most enjoyable things to put in my mouth. Obviously wine and coffee are the others.

There are, however, a few notable exceptions. I have never, and will never, like sultanas. Throw currants, raisins, dates and glacé cherries into that mix. Yuck, horrible, won’t try it. Give me a plain scone any day, but don’t adulterate the scone mix with sultanas. Strangely enough, sultanas before they were destroyed – ie grapes, are wonderful. Even better when they are squashed and fermented. Sultanas are the rubbish that’s left behind.

I insisted in my early days to mum that I couldn’t eat sultanas because sultanas made you pregnant. Mum never pushed the issue, possibly because a Ministers wife having to deal with a teen pregnancy whether sultana related or not would have been a little problematic.

My other food dislike is pork. I really really really don’t like roast pork, pork chops, pork sausages, minced pork…I’m gagging just typing this. I don’t like the taste, and I don’t like the texture. 

A lot of people just have this theory that “if you just try it the way I cook it” everything would be different. My husband, while living on his own in the Netherlands last year, quite enjoyed a pork chop for dinner and was convinced that when I visited, I would suddenly overcome my aversion to it, simply because he enjoyed it.




Now – like grapes and sultanas, there are some ways that a pig can be prepared, that I really enjoy. A lot. Thinly sliced, Ffried to a crispy edge, served on toast with a poached egg, a bit of fresh spinach, and a side order of coffee.

This is the way pig is meant to be eaten.

Happy National Bacon Appreciation Day, everyone!

Disaimer – I also like cold sliced ham. If it’s sliced thin enough to resemble bacon.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on

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