Automagically (HLD 177)

15 Sept 2020

I was reading an article in ’The Australian’ today – because that is the kind of high minded intellectual stuff I like to read. (In fact I have online access to this paper on my iPad because I really really like their mind games section – lovely convenient way of doing crosswords and other puzzles!).

I do read some articles and flick through the sections, to justify the expense, before settling down with a coffee and the crosswords.

The article that caught my eye was to do with the iPhone, and changes that will happen in the operating systems therein.

According to the article, the iPhone will soon have a butler who will file away all your apps in a series of folders under various categories…. automagically!

There are two points I took from this article. Firstly – I file my own apps in folders, and assign my own titles to these folders. For instance, all the social media, messaging, ‘find my phone/friend’, and such like, are saved under a folder called “Stalking”. Notes, calendar, calculator, measuring app, recycling info app, and the App Store are saved in a folder labelled “Stuff”. My system is very clear, concise and idiot proof.

Is this automagical butler going to relabel my files into something that is a bit more politically correct? Utilities, productivity, communication??? That’s really not me.

And in a similar way to someone else sorting out your cupboards and bookshelves for you, I think the decision of what belongs where, belongs with the person who is going to have to look for it. Someone else putting things away in my kitchen may be of the opinion that the wine glasses and matches don’t belong in the same cupboard, but my logic tells you it’s a perfect match (geddit?).

Of course the other thing that struck me about this automagical butler comment was – where was this a week ago when I did a blog about made up words????

But what a good word it is!!

Things happen automatically all the time, and if I don’t have the time, inclination or IQ to understand how it happens, it can just be filed in a folder of my mind, as magical.

Yes there are people waaaaay smarter than me who often like to explain how something happens – whether it’s aeroplanes lifting off the ground, electricity, television, the internet, wireless internet, clocks, remote controls, GPS travel maps, The Cloud, Sewerage systems, cars, running water in houses, and so on. To a lot of people this is just logical science and relatively easily explained.

But to me it’s just magical.

I really don’t want to know the science and logic.

As long as it all works.

If it doesn’t I’m calling up my automagical butler to fix it.

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