Season changes (HLD 173)

11 Sept 2020

I’m sitting here on the couch armed with a coffee and my phone, waiting patiently for my grandson to stop babbling and go to sleep.

You’d think he would be tired – we spent the morning at the zoo and he did a lot of walking. I also did a lot of walking and feel more tired than the step count on my pedometer says I should be. One of us could easily go to sleep without a struggle.

I’m putting this down to the fact that the weather is changing – it’s not to do with me being old and unfit when it comes to chasing the toddler grandchild from one end of the zoo to the other.

I’ve noticed a few creatures wearing out earlier nowadays – the dogs at the park, for instance, tend to flake out a bit earlier when the weather gets a bit warmer.

The temperature is rising, ever so slowly, from the coolish winter weather we normally have, and there’s a hint in the air – ok in the forecast – of lovely warm days in our not too distant future.

The birds have been singing and the flowers have already been blooming, but now with a bit of warmth in the air and bright blue skies, they just seem that much more lovely.

Of course, along with this chirpy happiness of warmer weather, comes the things we really need to be aware of.

The garden, for instance, has been churning merrily along all winter, comfortable with a bit of rain every now and then. Suddenly if we have a warm day, things starts to look as if they’re a breath away from dying and as if they haven’t had water for months 🙂

Someone is going to have to hand water them all, or replace the battery in the reticulation timer so they can get a good drink once a week.

And we really can’t justify throwing the washing through the dryer, when the clothesline will get enough sun and warmth to dry them all.

And there’s absolutely no reason to sit inside a coffee shop in the shade drinking coffee and doing crosswords, when there is a beautiful sunny day outside. (There’s bound to be a coffee shop with an outdoor area available!)

I hope those of you residing in the same part of the world as me, get to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. If you don’t have beautiful weather at the moment let me know and I’ll bottle some up and send it over.

But for now – the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the grandson is asleep!

Nana nap time!

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