Better than good (HLD 206)

14 Oct 2020

We are starting to look at upgrading my phone. The company that we use have released new versions of my phone, so my in-house product guidance officer is doing all the relevant research to determine what level of upgrade I require.

Granted, there’s really nothing wrong with my phone. It’s done very good service over the past four years or so. It has take around a billion photos, been used as a typewriter for a LOT of diarrhoea, has had a lot of games played on it, a lot of messages sent and received on it, a lot of directions given to destinations as required, and it’s even been used to make the odd phone call.

But the newer version takes better photos in low light situations….

Because, according to my in-house product guidance officer, a lot of the changes to phone technology nowadays, has a lot to do with the camera settings.

I want to be able to take good photos with my phone inside the house (yes – of my grandson or my dog), or photos of the river at night, and so on. Sure – I could drag my real camera out of the cupboard. I’d have to charge the batteries up properly, clean the lens, have a decent sized bag to carry it in, and then afterwards there’s the issue of offloading the photos from the camera onto my computer, or my iPad. With my phone I don’t have to worry – I take a photo, I put it on Facebook or WhatsApp, I email it if I want to, and job done. The mysterious ‘cloud’ takes care of storage and backup of all my photos.

Oh – and I also pay for my coffee using my phone. My real camera can’t do that.

Yes, of course there are things the real camera is really good at. But the newer version of my phone could have a really good stab at some of those things.

How many more versions of my phone will get released before my real camera finally becomes redundant?

At the moment it’s rubbish taking photos of the footy, so it’s going to take a while before my phone is useful for that. And fireworks and lightning are still best done with the real camera.

But as soon as the iPhone can manage that, I’ve got a very good digital SLR going cheap (ish). I’ll even clean the lenses for you first.

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