Junk mail (HLD 198)

6 Oct 2020

When my children were younger, they each had a local newspaper round. The papers would get delivered bright and early in large stacks, along with other stacks of advertising material, and the mother of the household then spent hours putting it all together, inserting one of each of the advertising pamphlets into a paper, folding the paper, stacking them in big piles ready for the boys to deliver when they got home from school.

It really didn’t earn them much money, and quite frankly I found it very hard work.

But I do remember looking at the stacks of advertising with both glee and dread. More money would be paid out for the extra advertising, but folding them all together was a pain in the ****.

Local newspapers weren’t the only source of this advertising material, of course. Your letter box would be crammed full of the stuff on a regular basis. Mind you – all that extra paperwork always came in handy when you had bird or rat cages that needed flooring, of course, but the bulk of it always ended up in the recycling bin.

Our current house has one of those ‘no junk mail’ signs attached to its letter box, so I really don’t know if that level of bombardment still happens. Strangely enough, politicians and real estate agents seem to figure they aren’t ‘junk mail’, for some reason, and still leave their offerings. Sadly I no longer have birds or rats ready to poo on their offerings so they go straight into the bin.

But today, as I went through my email, deleting the seemingly constant stream of advertising emails, I figure I’m still getting bombarded, just with less trees being impacted.

Whether I once bought something from a particular company, once googled about a particular company, or possibly even just muttered under my breath in the vicinity of my phone about a particular company, they see this as a mandate to send me copious amounts of advertising. Heaven forbid if I ever donated money to a particular cause, because that means for the rest of my life I will be subjected to their pleas for more.

The difference nowadays is that I seem to have some sort of input into whatever gets advertised to me – and quite frankly, I find this a bit limiting.

I used to drag out the pile of junk mail from the letter box, and put to one side everything that didn’t interest me. I couldn’t immediately throw it all away, because what might not interest me, could be of interest to other members of the household. It used to take a day or two before the bird or the bin got to see the end result of the advertising visit to our family.

I don’t want mindless and endless emails from jewellery shops, or supermarkets, or furniture shops – I have way too many emails from lighting shops, bra shops, pet shops and the heart foundation to delete as it is.

Maybe a delivery every two months of the regular junk mail in the letter box would be enough to keep me entertained? I have a friend who has pet rats now, who could put it all to good use when I’ve finished with it 🙂

Do you still receive junk mail?

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