Age of reason (HLD 222)

30 Oct 2020

Thirty years ago, I gave birth to our second child. He wasn’t due until December, but he’d obviously decided that having a birthday so close to Halloween was a preferred option.

He doesn’t seem to be too distressed about advancing into his thirties. I do know of some people for whom the ascension into another decade of age, is a gigantic leap and can cause a lot of angst. We know of one person who cried the whole day of her 30th birthday.

I do have a favourite aunt, who for many years insisted to me that she was 39 years old. This blatant lie continued even after I had turned 40. I haven’t asked her her age recently. Now that she is well into her eighties, she may be a little more honest. But possibly not.

In reality though, when you hit an 0 birthday, you aren’t a decade older. You are, in every matter that counts, one day older than you were the day before.

Granted, ‘0’ birthdays always tend to trigger a bit more excitement amongst family and friends. Let’s face it, after 18 and 21, there aren’t really too many more birthdays that people celebrate with gusto. Until the 00 one, and then it’s not really done with so much gusto as caution with the candles.

Today’s question….. which decade had the most effect on you to join???

My thirtieth birthday, I barely recall. We lived in the north-west of the state and I had two young children – that much I remember.

My fortieth birthday is also a bit of a blur. We were living back in the Perth metropolitan area by then, and I had a good group of friends who helped celebrate each milestone – like birthdays, or the end of the week… or the beginning of the week….or bin collection day….or any day of the week, in fact, that ended in the letter Y. I’m sure we had a glass of something to celebrate it.

Fiftieth….ummm….I definitely had a fiftieth birthday, because I’m already 7 years beyond it. But beyond looking back at photos, it’s again not jumping out at me.

To be honest, all the ‘significant’ birthdays were just birthdays. Lovely days where family and friends make sure you have a nice day, but really no different from any other birthday.

But that’s me. I’m not overly affected by an 0 birthday. Maybe I’ll find 60 difficult to deal with, who knows? Or maybe 70.

I guess it all comes down to whether your age makes you feel old or not.

I remember when I was very young – you know, a century ago – the concept of turning 18 was the pinnacle in my mind of adulthood. Then, of course, 21 meant you were REALLY a grownup. I suspect anyone I saw over the age of 30 I just classified into a group of “old” people. After reaching all those ages and have since moved on to more advanced chronology, I’m starting to think 90 years olds are old.

Everything else is just a number.

Were you affected by an 0 birthday?

By the way, a friend told me recently that her daughter, on reaching my son’s new age, decorated her birthday cake as below:





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