Social networks (HLD 245)

22 Nov 2020

This blog originated on a familiar social media site. There is a fairly safe assumption that anyone reading it now would be familiar with the one I’m referring to.

But it isn’t the case with a lot of people.

I have some very close friends and relatives who poo-poo the concept of social networks. At least I’m assuming they are only poo-pooing internet based social networks – because let’s face it, our social networks are the things that keep us sane.

There are lots of different web based social networking sites, with different levels of interaction and connection possible on offer. The main complaint I hear from people who are anti-Facebook is that the ‘connections aren’t real’. I always dispute this, as I have really enjoyed the ease of real communication with people through this medium. Yes of course it can be highly superficial, and can turn into someone’s only concept of socialisation if they aren’t careful, but to me you get out of a web based social networking site, exactly what you put into it.

What are your social networks? Apart from Facebook and so forth, that is…

I have a number of social networks – whether they be dog based, church based, school friends (either mine or my children) based, work based, or hobby based. Or coffee based, if I’m honest! Any group of people who meet together whether regularly or irregularly, is a social network.

It’s kind of why we all freaked out a bit earlier this year, when we were told with the coronavirus defence, that we needed to practise ‘social distancing’. The purists immediately jumped up with their verbal correction pens, insisting that we actually needed to ‘physically distance’ instead.

Because social distancing is the very last possible thing that has happened in 2020. If anything I think the physical distancing has brought about social intimacy, if you know what I mean. We have communicated better, more frequently, with more definite intentions.

We have relied on ‘superficial’ means of communication, along with any other means we can find, to reconnect with our networks, or ensure we don’t leave anyone disconnected.

I’m happy that you are part of my social network. Thank you.

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