Body art (HLD 257)

4 Dec 2020

Tattoos aren’t something I am overly enthralled by, if I’m honest. I have no objection to people having them, it’s just not something I think I’d go for myself.

But I know a lot of people who do, and good luck to them. There are people who have quite a lot of art work on their skin and it’s often interesting to ask them about what it all means.

Someone who’s had a bereavement will often get a tattoo with their loved ones names, dates or even picture. Parents will often have tattoos of their children’s names.

People will often tell you the whole story about what their tattoo represents. And that’s a good thing, because it’s not always obvious.

There are many funny stories and pictures of people who have tattoos that are just so wrong…

People seem to like having exotic looking languages tattooed on them, only to discover that the words don’t mean what they thought. I read about a young lady having the Chinese characters tattooed on her which was supposed to say “Freedom”, when in actual fact her tattoo says “I’m for free”.

You only have to search the internet for ‘tattoo fails’ to realise that there are people who will be living with whatever atrocity has been permanently inked into their skin. Some are funny, some are ridiculous, some are really very attractive.

I did like the tattoos that women who had had a double mastectomy had, and also tattoos that cover significant scarring following an accident or surgery. They were so often clever, and beautiful.

But me? I’m too stingy to spend the amount of money required, and I believe it also hurts. So that’s two reasons why it’s highly unlikely I’ll get a tattoo.

The third reason is epitomised in this greeting card that’s been in my possession for quite a while…

Have you got a tattoo?

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