Time (HLD 255)

2 Dec 2020

The last couple of months have just flown by for me. This, in a year when the months between February and September seemed to go on for about four years, seems a little bizarre…

Every year I get to Christmas and announce that the year flew by, but this year has been a little different. I know this, because I can backtrack through 254 past bits of literary diarrhoea and absorb what has happened in our lives, and marvel at it all.

Has the world changed over the past nine months, or is it me who has changed?

Life continues in whatever format it’s allowed to. We wake up, we go about our daily activities – whether we are in lockdown or not – we eat, we drink, we sleep. We make contact with our loved ones in whatever way is available to us, and we celebrate milestones however we are able to.

Milestones in our family will be celebrated today with our grandson turning the grand old age of two.

This child has had some interesting things happen in his first two years – an operation and a pandemic, parents working from home, and a house renovation. Apart from all the usual growth and learning and change that happens 🙂

He won’t remember any of it.

In the big picture, a decade or so from now, will we remember the intricacies of what frustrated, intrigued or upset us about the pandemic? It will most likely be two years out of our lives that will be affected, give or take….

Will it be like my grandsons’ first two years – a bit of learning, a bit of pain, a bit of growing, and then moving on to the next stage of life?

I look back over pictures of my grandson’s life and marvel at the things that have changed in his life, much the same way I look back through the blogs and marvel about what has changed for us all this year.

It’s about change.

Some good, some bad, just different.

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