Being resolute (HLD 284)

1 Jan 2021

This year seems to be a little different to me, already. Normally on January 1st, you start to see and hear people making wonderful New Years Resolutions, with accompanying advertising from companies who want to help you in your goal to be skinnier, fitter, bilingual or with bigger boobs.

This year (and it’s been a long year to date, let’s be honest), I’m seeing a lot of posts from people with a similar theme of “this is me – nothing’s going to change!”.

I’m putting this down to the pandemic and people starting to realise that their loved ones’ health, and the health of their fellow human beings, is more important than anything.

Of course, I’ve always had an issue with New Years Resolutions – because, quite frankly, I’m never very resolute about them.

And this is where I have internal debates about what constitutes a resolution. Is the basis of the word resolute, or resolve? Of course, according to the dictionary, it could be either.

If it’s resolute, it kind of hints at being steadfast, determined. My New Years resolutions were never that steadfast. To resolve to do something is a completely different matter. While still suggesting a firm plan to do something, it’s a bit iffy – allowing a bit of leeway. Like my resolve to eat better and get fit – a solid plan that falls away at the sight of a coffee by the couch.

Maybe this year I will set my bar a lot lower, and detail a pile of achievable stuff for the year. Yeh yeh, most likely stuff I would have done anyway, but at least I can be determined and steadfast in my resolution of them.

This year I will:

Drink at least one cup of coffee each day;

Wash my hair when it irritates me;

Hugs my grandsons whenever they let me;

Spend time with friends when the occasion allows;

Talk to my dog as if she understands every word;

Be one eyed about my football teams; and

Keep writing.

I can do that!

What can you achieve this year?

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