Hang a heart (HLD 273)

20 Dec 2020

A few days ago I read an article about a famousish person, who of course I’d barely heard of, teaming up with one of the major department stores on a project designed to do either a couple of things.

The publicised aim is to connect the world who will be all experiencing some degree of disconnectedness this Christmas. Families may be separated, people may be isolated, people may be hurting way more than they should.

The suggestion made is to hang a heart somewhere around your house to raise awareness of those who will be separated from their loved ones this Christmas.

Cynical me suggests that the major department store has a big supply of heart decorations they’d like you to buy. If that was the case they are out of luck with me, because I just so happen to have some pretty decent heart decorations already.

Today we got together with my side of the family for our annual “do something sometime around Christmas” get together. We are a fairly low key bunch, so organisation of this event consists mainly of settling on a date, time and location, and everyone who can get there brings what they want to eat or drink or sit on, and we make sure there’s a cafe near by for coffee and/or food purchases, and we just have a few hours in each other’s company. It’s a tried and tested method of getting together, and works each time.

So today I took my heart decorations with me, and hung them from a tree in the park.

We know we are lucky in being able to see family, and not being in lockdown or isolation. We know what other people are going through, and we don’t take these get togethers lightly.

But even within our happy and so very lucky gathering, there’s pain. There are families separated by distance, bereaved families, families dealing with illness and anxiety. There are people missing from our gathering.

Hanging a heart shows our connectedness to those who are missing, and to those whose family Christmas get togethers are linked by hearts but not by bodies.

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