Movies (HLD 286)

3 Jan 2020

I’ve probably mentioned it in earlier bits of diarrhoea, but just in case I haven’t or, heaven forbid, you’ve forgotten, I’ll mention again that in my house television viewing is determined by one person.

He’s not the Fat Controller, he’s the Remote Controller.

He flicks through every channel available, falls asleep on the couch with the remote grasped in his hands, wakes abruptly to quickly change the channel before falling asleep again, and generally poo-poo’s anyone else’s attempts to find something to watch on the idiot box.

I’ve more or less given up on tv, and if something the remote lands on interests me, I’ll watch it for the duration of time the remote controller allows.

Last night, while working his way through the plethora of options available (none of which were warranted more than a three second stay), he landed on a movie in progress and immediately stopped flicking.

It was The Sound of Music.

Throughout my childhood I’d always known that this was Mum’s favourite movie, containing a lot of Mum’s favourite music. It became a firm favourite with me, and maybe I chose my husband based on his enjoyment of the movie too. Either that or his remote control technique – who knows?

It struck me while watching the movie that it didn’t matter when I started watching, or even if I stopped watching before the end. The movie is like a warm, comfortable, completely familiar embrace from a favourite blanket. To me. Others may get the same comfortable feeling from A Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but for me it’s this one.

When on a European rover cruise a while back, we did a tour of Sound of Music locations. While we were in a country and an area we hadn’t visited before, it all felt wonderfully familiar.

I get a little bit of the same feeling from the Love Actually movie, but not to this level.

Do you have a movie that gives you the same comfortable connection?

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