Besties (HLD 306)

23 Jan 2021

We stopped today to visit my newest grandson (and his brother and parents possibly), and took our dog with us.

It was the first time my dog has been back to their house since their home renovations have been (mostly) finished, and the first time she has seen their dog in quite a few months.

Chewie and Tigger have been best friends since Chewie arrived in our house nearly four years ago. Tigger was one of her first visitors and the friendship between dogs of disproportionate sizing has endured steadily ever since.

Chewie knows when we are going to Tiggers house. The first part of the trip, we could be going anywhere, but as we start to hit the series of four roundabouts close to their home, she starts to get excited.

Today, on her first visit for months, she went loony. Sooooo excited. The house had changed, there was an extra kid she hadn’t seen before (wasn’t that interested, if I’m honest), but…..Tiggy!!!!!!!!!!!

I really wanted to get a photo or video of the reunion, but I was busy arm-wrestling my husband over the rights to have first cuddle with Tommy.

The exuberant excitement of the dogs made me consider how I feel catching up with friends after a period of absence. I don’t jump all over them and lick their ears (unless they ask politely), and my way of expressing it in the company of a good friend is different to my dog, but there’s still the same joy.

Often when catching up for coffee or a chat with a good friend there’s actually a sense of peace, that all is right in the world, that you are in a comfortable and accepting place.

A good friend knows who you are. They don’t expect you to be anything other than yourself. You don’t have to put on a show, to be entertaining or enlightened or even interesting. Your best friend knows you at your worst and your best and still wants to be around you.

Rules for catching up with your bestie after a long absence:

1. Wee first, because you will get carried away otherwise and forget.

2. Make sure there are no breakables near you when getting that first hug/cuddle in.

3. Share the water bowl.

4. Discrete bum sniffing only.

Do you have bestie catchup rules?

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