Celebrating love (HLD 328)

14 Feb 2021

We have a few days on our calendars that are often dismissed as being created purely to sell stuff, and Valentines Day is surely one of the biggies.

Originally a religious feast day to honour Saint Valentine, it got its romantic overtones by Valentine restoring the sight of the blind daughter of his jailer (hence the sainthood), and leaving her a note before his execution signed “Your Valentine”. There’s also stories about how he performed marriages for Christian soldiers who were otherwise forbidden to marry.

However it originated, the day by the 18th Century became a day when couples expressed their love for each other by exchanging gifts – whether it’s flowers or chocolates or cards. Modern ways of acknowledging Valentines Day are often with flowers, a meal out, or a romantic holiday break away.

We are, of course, the same as many other couples. We have just finished our special Valentines Day meal of leftover chilli from last night. It was very nice. Our evening entertainment will be watching the same sort of rubbish that’s on television on non-Valentines Day nights.

My husband, of course, is a man of great planning and organisation. This afternoon, on his trip to the supermarket for milk, and bread and cold meat for his work lunches, he managed to add a box of chocolates to the shopping trolley.

This was, of course, vastly different to his normal shopping expeditions. Normally he’d come home with ice cream as his added extra to the shopping trolley. Chocolates are different. Cynical me might suggest they were on special, on account of V day being almost finished, but it’s the thought that counts. I’m hoping he saves me one of the chocolates.

We’ve never really been ‘into’ Valentines Day, to be honest. Our wedding anniversary falls in February too, and there’s only so much romance you can deal with in one calendar month.

Hope you are all enjoying your 14th February, and I hope you had some nice leftovers in the fridge with which to celebrate.

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