Proof reading (HLD 338)

24 Feb 2021

Confession time – there are occasions when I make a typographical errors in these things. That can happen when I’m sitting in my recliner rocker, typing very fast on my phone, which is generally how these things are created.

I’m a bit more precise when I’m sitting at the computer using the proper keyboard. My fingers have been well trained over the years in the double handed use of a qwerty keyboard setup, and there’s less likelihood of fingers going AWOL as they sometimes do on a phone.

But…..if I remember to proof read, I will generally pick up the mistakes and fix them. If not the first read through, then usually the second.

I would like to think, however, that if I was producing something that was going to be professionally printed up, or to be used as advertising, or if someone was going to have to pay money to read what I’d written, I would pay a lot more attention to editing.

I happened to glance at an advertisement for a collapsible stool this morning, and got distracted very quickly by the extra large bold print announcing it was a protable folding stool.

It could be portable, of course. That would be handy. Maybe even potable, if it was drinking water. But I’d never heard of anything being protable!

I have, of course, made note of a few funny typo’s I’d seen either in person or on a web page over the years. There was the sign outside a fast food restaurant, saying “Hiring smiling faces for afternoon shits”. These could be the same fast food places that instead of Angus burgers, sell ‘Anus burgers”. They are definitely the ones who had a sign up announcing their successes – “Over 10 billion severed”. But the good news is that they had a review printed that said their “seizure” salad was very good.

It’s good to know that in some places “Illegally parked cars will be fine”. But you have to be careful still, as often “Trespassers will be violated”.

Apparently there are shops selling “Mini Dognuts” (I’m assuming these were doughnuts, but maybe not). Hopefully this is not the same shop that had the sign displayed “Today the dining is closed at 6pm. Sorry for your incontinence”. But they may still be a better option than the shop that offers “Tasty cookies – warmed in Owen”.

Shoplifters in another shop will be “prostituted”. I cannot begin to tell you the number of times I’ve seen ‘public’ misspelled as ‘pubic’. Or motels that instead of WiFi, offer “Free wife”. I remain impressed and slightly intrigued by description of a house for sale which features a large dick for entertaining.

I could go on for ever, because I find this so much fun. But I’ll leave you will just a few more and then go off and do a bit of belated proof reading 🙂

Autocorrect is my worst enema.

Blood type-O’s make the most spelling errors.

4% of all statitsics contain a typo.

We should all never forget though, that the difference between “I’m Perfect”, and “imperfect”, is just proof reading.

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