Fashionistas (HLD 346)

4 March 2020

You only have to look at me to know that I am not, and never have been, someone who is in any way concerned with fashion.

My only issues with clothes are along the lines of – “Does it fit?”, “Does it hide the bits I want hidden?”, and “Is it an unsightly colour/print that makes me gag?”.

But I don’t choose clothes because they are fashionable. This may have a lot to do with fashion not really being interested in appealing to short fat women, but who knows?!?!

Anyway, back to the topic. Among my many different jobs, I have worked in a school uniform shop. I recall quite clearly the parents – sometimes the students but mainly the parents – who will come in to return an item that has a loose button, or a overly tight button hole, or a slightly different shade of navy than another similar item bought six years ago, and so forth. People are very particular in getting their money’s worth and making sure they have exactly the quality they are paying for.

I had a little chuckle this morning at the shopping centre, as I overheard someone returning a pair of jeans because of shoddy workmanship.

You do know what sort of jeans they were, don’t you?

These brand new jeans that apparently had a hole on the inside of a pocket, looked as if the owner had just walked away from a very severe and traumatic motor cycle accident. On gravel.

The fashion is apparently to buy brand new jeans that look as if they are 100 years old and should have been thrown out at least 70 of those years ago.

I do wonder if that young lady returning those jeans was aware of the irony?

Over the years we have seen some truly cringe-worthy clothing styles that are written off as fashion, such as the young men wearing trousers six sizes too large and hanging them lower than their butts. Whether it’s fishnets, handbags bigger than a suitcase, bubble pants, shoulder pads, trucker hats or athleisure, we all have some things that we roll our eyes at.

But do you have a fashion style that sends eyes rolling?

My fashion style is to spend the entire day in my dog walking clothes. If I go out, I wear better shoes.

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