The value of money (HLD 356)

14 March 2021

If you saw 10c lying on the ground, would you bother bending over to pick it up? How about if you noticed 10c in a rubbish bin, would you dive in sorting through the rubbish to get that 10c???

In the last year, our state has brought about a cash for cans program, where empty soft drink cans, plastic drink bottles, and some glass bottles, are redeemable for a 10c refund.

Special depots where these bottles can be brought to be refunded have popped up throughout the state, and by golly they are busy little venues.

I have a couple of large buckets that I collect empty containers in, and I am one of those people who head to those venues to get refunds for my containers.

The money I make from my refunds goes into money boxes for my grandsons. By the time they are old enough, I’m hoping that there’s enough money put aside so they can use it for something special. Each visit to the recycling centre only gains us about $10 in refunds, but that’s $5 each in a money box that wouldn’t be put in otherwise. Every little bit adds up though, and maybe there will be enough money in these tins to help, when they are old enough to buy something exciting like their first phone!

But….Oh. My. Goodness. You need to go and visit one of these container recycling places!! You wouldn’t believe what you see.

While we are there, there’s a steady stream of people pulling up and starting to unload the HUGE bags and boxes of empty drink bottles of some sort. Hundreds – even thousands – with each and every person.

I heard of people who now consider bottle collecting as their job. They work their way through rubbish bins (Monday mornings are prime bin fossicking time down by the river near me), extracting all the refundable containers they can find. I’ve heard of people who are very serious about this making hundreds of dollars a day doing this!!!

Schools are doing this as a fundraising activity, and charities are also gaining funds from donations from container collectors.

We all knew that recycling was the very best thing to do for our world….but until the world offered us 10c for the effort, we didn’t really put as much effort into it!

I am one of THOSE people, who will now bring home an empty bottle from a coffee shop visit, or a picnic. 10c is 10c, and all these 10 cents add up!

The old adage of ‘find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck’ has now changed to ‘find an empty, bring it home, if you find enough, you could buy a phone!’

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