Weather (HLD 369)

27 March 2021

Where I live, we are now nearly a month into autumn.

So today, we took our dog up to the large botanical garden on the hill overlooking the city for an afternoon walk through the bush land. The dog was very excited however, when the walk finished at the coffee shop, where she was able to get a drink of water.

It was 28 degrees. Celsius.

We can still, a month into autumn, go for picnics, and walks in the sunshine. Sure, we have the occasional day with a little bit of rain, but by and large it is still warm enough to get out and enjoy our world.

I’m very fortunate to live where I do. Perth enjoys the title of the most isolated city in the world, but also one of the sunniest.

My googling tells me that we get 8 hours of sunshine a day. The weather boffins on various websites tell me that Perth gets 144 sunny days a year, and an extra 121 partly sunny days.

And we have beaches with soft white sand, daily sunsets over the water, and a lovely river that meanders through a large part of the metropolitan area. Who wouldn’t want to live here?

We all have things we love about where we live, and things that we aren’t totally enthralled about.

What I truly love about where I live, is blue sky. Without a doubt, sometimes the sky is hot. Really hot. Sometimes it’s gorgeous (like autumn, and spring). Sometimes there’s rain, but not too much.

But the sky is huge. A massive blue wilderness that goes on and on.

Today I’m in awe of sunshine.

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