Being sexy (HLD 376)

3 April 2021

I read today that 18 per cent of Russia’s men and 17 per cent of its women apparently think that the most handsome man in their country is Vladimir Putin.

He definitely doesn’t hold back in portraying his manliness, regularly appearing in photos either shirtless, riding a horse, playing sports and so forth.

And possibly the genuinely more handsome people than him, disappear from view if someone suggests they would win over the Russian leader. Who knows?

But opinion polls in this sort of thing are always a little bit suspect, in my mind. Like our own Australian television awards, you really have to take into account the age bracket of the majority of the people who do the voting, when wondering why the heck that particular person could be judged most popular, or best talent, and so forth.

It’s very subjective.

Supposedly the other day Prince William was designated the sexiest bald man, too. My first issue with this, is that he actually isn’t bald yet. Definitely he is heading in that direction, but he ain’t even eligible for the award yet. Purely in the interests of presenting a balanced argument, I googled “sexy bald men” and was presented with an array of clean shaven heads belonging to people like Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart and Stanley Tucci.

And Voldemort.

Really? Sure – He who must not be named is definitely bald, but the nasal slits instead of a nose kind of ruin the whole ‘sexy bald man’ to me. Maybe he waved his wand and used the confundus charm on the voters.

I guess it’s a matter of who is voting, and how many options they are given to vote for. If any.

It makes me wonder who the other 82% of Russian men, and 83% of Russian women, voted for.

Hope they are all doing ok.

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