Events (HLD 388)

17 April 2021

I have one of the phones that talks to my watch, and vice versa. Quite frankly, the one time this set up makes me very happy, is when I misplace one or the other. This happens fairly regularly, and on each device there’s a button I can press that will make the other device emit a loud “here I am you daft old bag” noise.

Very handy.

The watch will often show little messages – some that are actual messages, and some that it thinks are of interest to me. The phone knows everything – obviously – but it’s particularly interested in my calendar.

This calendar has stuff that I’ve put in it, but it also seems to be filled with random stuff I didn’t put there, like public holidays in Lithuania. Ok that might be a stretch, but you get the idea, right?

The other day, I had a little message flash up on my phone – “You have no events today”. I could have taken this in either of two ways – as a grateful “hallelujah! Don’t have to be anywhere, I can take it easy!”, or “Rude little device – are you insinuating I’m unpopular with no friends?”.

I actually took it’s a sign that my watch and phone actually don’t know everything, which has been something I have accepted as fact for quite some time.

I DID have events that day. I had a morning walk by the river with my dog, chatting with other dog owners. I had a coffee stop on the way home, to chat with my friend Veronica, who I suspect likes my dog more than me. I had some housework to do, and it was bin day too so there was a little bit more activity than usual. I did a load of washing. I had a cuddle with one of my grandsons and took him for a walk in the pram. I did some food shopping. I cooked meals. I had a very enjoyable half an hour sitting on the couch reading my book.

No events, my arse.

By the way – Labour Day is on 1 May in Lithuania. Just in case you all want to add it to your calendars.

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