Chin hair (HLD 397)

28 April 2021

Because I’m a ‘woman of a certain age’, hair has started appearing on parts of my body where it hadn’t in my earlier years.

Specifically – my chin.

And to be very precise, I’m the not so proud owner of five individual chin hairs, that all erupt at different times and with different tenacity. Three of them have had the decency to go grey, matching quite nicely to the rest of the hair on my head, but there’s a couple that have maintained the dark and really obvious hue.

In another age related woe, I’m also of that certain age, whereby your ability to see stuff close up is quite tricky. Reading glasses are more important to me than coffee (shock, horror!), and removing any of those five chin hairs takes some organisation. And equipment. Definitely the reading glasses.

I have some horror filled memories of noticing that I had at least three of those hairs having erupted, but kidding myself that they would be all grey and not so visible to others. After all – they aren’t obvious visually to me, so I work on the theory that others are similarly optically challenged. But when I’m armed with a magnifying mirror and my reading glasses, I realised with horror that those are three thick black chin hairs that would not be out of place on a photo of a witch.

I can feel that I have a chin hair at the moment, but I’ve never remembered this when I’m in the vicinity of the equipment required to remove it, or the magnifying equipment needed to locate it. It becomes an issue for me when I’m in the car, off on my way out somewhere, and I realise that the people I’m about to see will possibly judge me and my grooming standards on account of it.


I had a little panic again this morning, while heading out to a public place. While beginning to castigate myself yet again for not denuding the forest that has become my chin (yes it’s one hair, but…), I suddenly remembered that….

We have to wear masks at the moment, when outside our homes.

No one will ever know about this chin hair, until such a time as we don’t have to wear masks again. Or I remember to remove it. Or I write a blog about it.

This virus business is handy for certain things, don’t you think?

It’s given a lot of us time in our houses to sort out cupboards, have a bit of a clean up, get on to the jobs that need doing around the house and garden. Some of us have actually found we are in more frequent contact with our loved ones – not necessarily in person, but more frequently because of this. Some of us have finally got around to starting that something they always wanted to get around to – for me, it’s writing, for others maybe drawing, or making sourdough bread, or growing passion fruit.

Don’t get me wrong – this virus has caused a lot of heartache in our world, and there’s more to come.

But there’s positives. There’s the effect on our environment with the majority of us staying close to home and not flying all over the world, burning fossil fuels and polluting the world up. There’s the personal growth and introspection that has caused people to think about what is actually the most important things to them.

And then there’s the hiding of chin hairs. Thank you, coronavirus.

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