Four (HLD 424)

14 August 2021

Not that long ago, my grandson brought the family a lovely gift.

It was something that all the kids in daycare were also gifting their families around the same time, and it’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving.

It’s the dreaded daycare lurgy. Something that starts innocuously in a runny nose, and then proceeds to rampage through the body, leaving very little untouched. Temperature? Tick. Throat? Tick. Ears? Tick. Headaches? Tick. Nonstop cough? Tick.

It’s not coronavirus. It’s daycarevirus. No immunisation is available, and you just have to put up with it until it’s run its course.

Being the type of caring sharing Grandma I am, of course I gratefully accept any gift that my grandkids give me. I’ve wallowed in the caring sharing nature of this gift for nearly two weeks now. It’s wonderful.

My daughter-in-law took the kids to see a doctor when it first appeared that they were crook. While being assured that the bug is a virus, that no prescription medication is going to help, and to keep the kids away from daycare for a week, the doctor gave her the following advice that struck me so intently I had to write it down and share it with all of you.

The advice is: stay warm, drink lots, minimum 4 wees a day and stay away from other kids.


I’m thinking about having that tattooed on my body somewhere. It’s such a beautiful recipe for life.

Got a virus? Stay home, stay warm, drink lots of water (I recommend honey and lemon). The more water you drink, the more likely the four wees a day will take care of themselves.

Confined to home because of a pandemic related issue? Definitely stay away from other kids/adults, stay indoors warm on the couch, and there’s a chance that the drinking may not always be water. Make sure you don’t drink so much of the stuff that isn’t water, that you discover those wees the next day.

We will all be much better people if we follow the daycarevirus rules.

Stay strong, people who are in lockdown. Remember – four wees.

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