How did we go? (HLD 427)

24 December 2021

As happens a little too frequently in my world, I spent a good portion of my morning deleting emails.

Yes – lots of companies want me to buy something, particularly at this time of the year. I can’t believe how many emails I am deleting this morning offering last minute Christmas presents I could order online. Surely even the most optimistic of companies would know that delivery of said items would be more appropriately received in time for Easter….

An overwhelming number of emails I consign to the trash bin however, are ones wanting my opinion on something.

Did I enjoy my 15 minute trip to the supermarket? How did my car service go? My doctor’s appointment? A courier delivered something to my house – how did that go? That new purchase – are you satisfied with it? How was your experience in the purchasing of it?

On, and on, and on, and on. Everyone seems to want my opinion. On everything.

I never really knew I was so important to everyone. It’s heartwarming to know that everyone I spend even seconds in the company of, wants to know whether I enjoyed the experience. I could start to get a bit of an ego, fluffed with a bit of self importance, if I didn’t know that everyone else in the world also gets all these emails as well.

One could assume that all these companies are just trying to make sure that they are delivering the very best in the way of customer service. That’s a lovely thought and well done to those who genuinely are, but I sincerely believe that any negative responses are written off as just sour grapes from someone who was having a bad day. 

I suspect, quite strongly, that what they are looking for is pats on the back. Positive glowing responses, that they can use for advertising purposes, maybe. It seems to be that nowadays, reviews of things form a large part of advertising for a company. Negative feedback – even a single damming “Your coffee wasn’t hot enough”, are often enough to keep some customers away. Whereas a bunch of “What wonderful fruit toast! Best I’ve ever eaten”, “Excellent service”, and “Yes the postie managed to leave the parcel by my front door without breaking much” will make them appear a better choice for indecisive future customers.

Getting noticed by potential customers used to revolve around advertising in print media. Pages and pages of advertisements in the newspapers, loads and loads of pamphlets dropped into peoples letter boxes, and so forth. While apparently the letter box stuff still happens to a certain extent, most advertising has gone online. Incessantly. Via emails and text messages.

And because most people now are not afraid in any way to share their opinion of something, especially online where the person cannot immediately answer back, the impetus to have good and positive feedback for your company is paramount.

I’d like them to offer up surveys based on how much they irritate you asking for surveys.

That’s an opinion I’m happy to share.

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