Got a minute? I need to rant…. (HLD 432)

28 October 2022

I found out today that I am apparently rude and hostile when texting. Not only that, but I am passive-aggressive, performative…..and old.

This information came my way via media reports from Gen Z tweeters or twitters or ticktockers, announcing that they find the use of a thumbs up 👍 emoji problematic. It gives them all of the aforementioned knowledge about the person using it. Undeniably. Apparently.

Now – any or most of you who have had electronic communication with me will know that the thumbs up emoji is my most frequently used emoji. It gets more airtime than the smiley face 🙂, the kissy face 😘, the laughing 😂 emoji – and even the one I refer to as the ‘what the’ emoji 🙈.

It even gets more use than the 💩 and the 🤮 which still appear in my top ten.

When I answer a text message with a 👍, I’m generally being too lazy to type ‘great’, ‘all good’, ‘wonderful idea I wish I’d thought of it’, or ‘yes please a large flat white and a savoury muffin would be amaaazing’. It’s a multipurpose emoji that covers my electronic agreement with whatever was discussed.

Obviously Gen Zers have specific emojis that cover all these scenarios that are much better and less confronting than a 👍.

I wish I knew what they were.

If someone can tell me, I’ll probably give you a thumbs up in response!

But will I change?

Probably not. We rude, hostile, passive aggressive, performative and old people really can’t be bothered looking through all the emojis on offer to find the perfect one.

We might miss out on having a flat white and savoury muffin ordered for us.

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