Where would you like to be? (HLD 13)

4 April 2020

In a pandemic free world, Josh and I would be stepping off the plane in Amsterdam about now, fresh from the usual horror of people coughing and spluttering their colds and flu for 24 hours, jumping on the train to The Hague to spend time with Simon who, I can only assume, would have been so very happy to see us.

Oh the plans we had made for that trip, the (mostly non refundable) bookings we’d made! Keukenhoff, Delft, Switzerland, London and the Harry Potter studios, Venice and Portugal and lots more amazing adventures.

Like so many others, our holiday has been put on hold until such a time as we can randomly hug people again 🙂 Which is always fun to do as a tourist on a country full of people who don’t speak your language and their cries of “leave me alone, strange person!!!” cannot, sadly, by understood.

So today I’m going to be asking rather than (much) talking – if you weren’t sitting around your home watching random stuff on tv, pulling every tiny weed out of your garden, seriously thinking about cleaning out the pantry or the shed – where in the world would you like to be????

I’ve still got a lot of places in the world on my bucket list. But there’s some favourite WA places I’d really like to be right now – Exmouth maybe, or Busselton, or at a family get together where hugs are allowed.

Where in the world would you prefer to be right now?

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

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