Value (HLD 14)

5 April 2020

Germ boy graduated from self isolation today. He’s celebrated by assisting the dog in her ‘sniff and pee’ cruise of the local neighbourhood, by going for a bike ride – which was followed by a discussion about how australian bike riders are not as good as Dutch bike riders (there was probably more to this story, but I tuned out), by buying coffee from the cafe over the road, and by spending time with his grandson.

So he has got to experience the fresh air and the previously-wide-open-spaces-near-the-river-that-are-now-jam-packed-with-hundreds-of-people-‘exercising’. And while he still has to socially distance like the rest of us, he now has the freedom to get in the (my) car, adjust the (my) settings, and pass comment on household plans and activities.

But – he also now has the freedom to help out around the house, and I’m insisting he takes up that opportunity at every chance he gets. Because that’s the kind, caring sort of wife I am.

Now that he is allowed to move freely about the house I am in the process of dismantling the cage area of the house. He had his own bar fridge to help with his vague self sufficiency, and I had bought him his very own kettle (because I got sick very quickly of being asked every time he wanted a hot drink).

Now – the kettle. I really splashed the cash in buying this for him – it cost me $7.50 in Kmart. It worked very well and hasn’t died, and it cost not much more than a takeaway coffee! (well – a takeaway coffee and a muffin, if they are in a deal…) (Yummmmm – muffins….)

So …. does the price reflect the value of the kettle??

Here follows a bunch of questions I have no answers for, but won’t stop me asking them though?

Do you expect to pay more for something that you want, as opposed to something you need?

Does the expected longevity of something you’ve purchased have a direct correlation to its cost?

Is there any difference to the production of a $7.50 kettle to the production of a $75 kettle?

Which would you value most out of Simon’s first day of freedom? The dog walk? The ability to walk out of the house and buy a takeaway coffee (note – he didn’t buy a muffin…)? The bike ride? The grandson?

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