I have faith (HLD 6)

28 March 2020

I have faith…. that we can survive with what supplies we have in the house, that we have enough toilet paper to last until common sense returns, and that some day I find a stash of chocolate that I have forgotten that I stored away for a ‘rainy day’.

I have faith in the knowledge and talent of medical professionals to deal with whatever issues arise in my loved ones.

I have faith that my dog will have eaten a month’s worth of kangaroo treats within a week.

I have faith in the innate goodness of people, and that a calmness will settle on those who now panic at not being in control of their lives.

I have faith in the love of my family, and in the friendship and companionship – whether in person, in communication, or in just being – of my friends.

I have faith that my husband, when released from social isolation after having flown back into the country, will resume full and unrelenting control of the TV remote. Which may or may not cause him to be hospitalised to have it removed from a part of his anatomy.

I have faith that those who lose loved ones to this virus will find comfort in the knowledge that their loved ones knew they were loved, and that they personally will find the space needed to grieve their loss.

I have faith that football will return. Along with all the sports that provide us with the ability to be part of a team – whether it’s as players or as supporters.

I have faith that the opportunity to spend more time with our immediate families will be a positive adventure, and for those for whom this is not the case, it will provide the impetus for change.

I have faith that I will find something on television that I like to watch because quite evidently I’ve seen all the home renovation and escaping to the country shows that have ever been made.

I have faith that the passion fruit slowly forming on the vines at the front of my house will grow to beautiful sweet maturity, and that I will get to them before the thieving by-passers do.

I have faith that the person reading this is managing to cope with all that is happening in the world right now, and know that they have friends nearby and far who care for them.

Not me, but someone.

Photo by Henrikas Mackevicius on Pexels.com

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