Technology (HLD 9)

31 March 2020

I sit on the couch (because I’m heroically saving the world, dammit) typing this blog on my iPhone. My iPhone is also my calendar, my photo storage device, my camera, my family tree storage device, my local library resource where I look up the answer to anything I need to know, my social network and even, strange as it may seem, my phone!!!

Close by sits my Kindle – my electronic library. I don’t think my fingers have touched a real book for ages, but I have hundreds upon hundreds available in a small little backlit device that I can, and do, take anywhere with me! I really don’t think I could live without my kindle… It’s almost as important to my sanity as my dog.

Never far from the kindle is the iPad, which does almost everything my phone does, but in a larger screen (except it can’t make phone calls!). The iPad is better for playing games, doing jigsaw puzzles, writing blogs (but I always seem to start on the phone for some reason), reading documents and emails. Oh – and the daily newspaper gets delivered to the iPad.

In the what-was-the-spare-room-but-is-currently-my-bedroom, sits the desktop computer. This gets used for doing spreadsheets, photo editing, deleting emails I’ve already read on either of the other two devices, and storage for the BUCKETLOADS of photos I have either taken or scanned over my lifetime. And yes it’s backed up, worrywarts!

From a number of devices, I can access internet banking, I can shop for pretty much everything (well, you know – apart from toilet paper and hand sanitiser) online, and I can have group video chats with family and friends whenever the mood and opportunity takes us.

In the front room/cage, sits my husband working in the Netherlands, via Australia, via more electronic means. He has video conferences with people from all over the world, and operates as, if not more, effectively than if he was sitting at his work place in The Hague.

How easy do we have this isolation game? As long as the power and internet supply hold out, we have this covered!

And if all else fails – there’s always housework!!!

Only joking. But I could do a real jigsaw, maybe.

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